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A Symbiosis of Art and Industry

Cristina Fiorenza - Grottole
Cristina Fiorenza – Grottole

A handful of industrial Austrian players are trying to find new forms of art sponsoring to promote young and talented artists. And they seem to be truly innovative in doing so: A pilot project initiated by Artware, Junge Industrie, Dorotheum and the Soravia Group seeks to support young artists in Austria and its neighbouring countries through an art auction organised in Vienna later this month.

Wolfgang Pavlik - Ellen
Wolfgang Pavlik – Ellen

At “Young Art Auction” pieces of art are sold to the pubilc — the money goes directly to the creative talents. “We want to create a broad platform for young artists and at the same time provide a sound financial basis for the further development of these young talents”, says Martin Ohneberg from Junge Industrie.

Irene Dapunt - wait another day
Irene Dapunt – wait another day

The project aims at creating a mutual benefit for artists and industry: while the economy provides the necessary financial background for young and talented artists, their pieces of art are expected to inspire and promote the development of a dynamic and innovative economy in Austria and across its borders.

The auction will take place on 25 September in Haus der Industrie, a traditional building in the heart of Vienna where the allied council was located after WW II and where the negotiations for the Austrian federal constitution took place.

Young Art Auction: A Symbiosis of Art and Industry
Date: The auction will take place on 25 September.
The pieces of art can be seen from 18 to 25 September in the Haus der Industrie.
Opening Hours: Mo-Thurs 8.00 – 17.00, Fr 8.00 – 13.00
Place: Haus der Industrie
Address: Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1030 Vienna.

Text: Christina Merl
Photos: Armin Plankensteiner (

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