HAPPENINGText: Yoshito Maeoka

Documenta Halle is an exhibition hall located next to the electric line. It has an office facility and is also the hall for talk sessions. International art magazines are displayed in the entrance hall and they have a small number of exhibitions.

Documenta Halle Exhibition View

For example, a cute and creepy work by Cosima Von Bonin, a vulgar picture by Juan Davila, and a Persian carpet from the early 19th century.

Ingo Manglano-Ovalle, The Radio, 2007

Two installations which play tricks on our eyes by light, by Ingo Manglano-Ovalle were especially great. When you go into the room where you can see the scenery which was changed into red, you will realize that there is something huge in front of you. In a while your eyes will get used to the darkness and finally you will find a huge trailer.

Ingo Manglano-Ovalle, The Radio, 2007

This is the replica of the trailer which the American army brought to Iraq as Kassel used to be a war city. Probably that’s why I had something like a cold feeling on my spine when I got into the dark room.

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