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PEOPLEText: Yurie Hatano

Takahi Kawanishi opens a solo exhibit after an interval of 4 years entitled, “ONI NO KO”. First stopping off at Tokyo’s POINT and then Sapporo’s SOSO. The destruction of aesthetic, the strength by natural consequences, a setback to success. More than 3 personalities inhabit his mind and their words flow into colours, lines, motives, and emotions.

First of all, tell us about yourself.

Takahi Kawanishi. A painter.

What is “ONI NO KO” (a child of the devil) in your mind

A child of the devil.

Once I tried pretending to be the devil since I was exasperated by not being able to overcome something “there” as I expressed myself in my early 20’s. It just added up to a realization that I am a human being. Not physically inclined, sometimes easy going, you know. So I came up with an idea with the child of the devil. The child, you will become the devil when you grow up a mere nuance.

Tell us your main work?

Since I cannot express myself verbally very well, I draw and paint to express myself basically.

Participated a group exhibit in Japan and in New York, and also made a store display at H.P FANCE Bijoux etc.
My first solo exhibition, “KawanishiTakahi” was held at space TRY in 2003.
A couple works of posters for the first issue of “DAZED & CONFUSED JAPAN” and “relax” which has stopped publication.
Besides that, I drew book designs for “Weetzie bat” (Francesca Lia Block), and “Smart Cunt” (Irving Welsh).

I have been working with “PIMPOINT” of SOIL & “PIMP”SESSIONS for their artwork lately.

The exhibit “EVERESTS” at Sapporo SOSO in June will be your first time in four years, tell us about last 4 years.

I tended to make light of paintings, myself and society, so that my paintings haven’t got a profound meaning but only external feeling as a subject matter. Therefore, I had to look back at myself and face each individual aspect little by little. I’m still working on that for now.

What I have done aprehensively was rather comfortable for me, even back then. I can tell, I wanted to escape from a painting, myself, and sosicety. Essentially, there should be liberty but of course it accompanies severeness accordingly. Maybe I was just lazy.

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