SHIFT holds several competitions aiming to discover fresh creators and support their activities, such as “SHIFT CALENDAR COMPETITION” and “DOTMOV“. This time, in collaboration with Crypton Future Media, we had been calling for design submissions for a mobile phone clock as “MOBILE ART COMPETITION“. The winning works are now broadly distributed within Japan, in a mobile content managed by Crypton Future Media, which can be accessed from an official site of AU and SoftBank. Please have a look and enjoy the comments from each creator.

Davod Qasimi (Iran)
Young industrial designer, born in 1983, graduated from Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST) on February 2006. As a freelance designer, I want to be more synchronized with the fast changing world. So, I have found the international design competitions as a ground to measure it. Fortunately, from the September 2006, I have got one achievements in each month.

Work title: “5 min, Less or More”
This clock tries to keep people far from the stress of the continuing seconds. It works on two levels. First, the simple forms and arrangement of the details make a comfort scene immediately. Second, (and this is the important part) it communicates with them inviting to be calm, by showing just the hour and the minutes, in a 5 min scale.

James Whittaker (UK)
Born 1980 in Manchester, UK. Currently based in London. Somehow I have ended up spending my days selling heavy machinery, but I try to fill my time outside work with creative pastimes, especially photography. I applied for this competition after reading Shift’s interview with Jun Oson in December (Shift 121) and deciding to enter some competitions myself. I am now aiming to motivate myself to do more graphic design work & djing.

Work title: “Colour Fusion”
This clock started off as two rectangles, split horizontally and vertically for the minute and hour hands. The colours are a variation on a CMYK theme. I like the simplicity of the design and the lack of a second hand or any numbers. As the time changes, different colours and patterns are produced. I like how it is not obviously a clock and think it would make a nice wallpaper for a mobile phone.

iamcoco (Japan)
Born in Japan, from age 14, took up a painter, Jun Hasegawa’s mantle for years. and learn oil painting, craft, dessin, etc… at his atelier. In 1999, move to US (NYC), start to study of Graphic Design, and graduate from F.I.T. ( Fashion Institute of Technology, States Univeresity of New York ). During that time, join creative team at Visionaire as an intern, also assist an movie artist Leah SInger. As a freelance designer, work for apparel brands, magazines, and AD agencies in New York and Tokyo. Also as a design unit, midim, work on some projects for product design was sold in Tokyo, London, and New York. In 2005, move back to Tokyo, and work for adidas as an art director. In 2006, start creation activity on her own , as ” iamcoco”.

Work title: “ballerina clock”
the ballerina on your phone, will dance as time goes 🙂

Kazuhiro Kikuchi (Japan)
Born in 1974 in Hokkaido, Japan. Working at home inc. Graphic designer. While working mainly for advertising media, he is also rolling out his own free paper with his original works.

Work title: “balls”
On first glance, it looks just a picture of white balls moving, but definitely attracts people as soon as they realize it’s a clock.

sasaki asami (Japan)
Born in 1982 in Sapporo, Japan. Currently working at a design office in Kyoto after graduating from the university. She has engaged in an art project based in Hakodate, “ArtHarbour” since her university years.

Work title: “The Sea Creature Dictionary”
Time is shown in the book sequence of volume 0-9. By changing the book sequence by the minute, this clock represents both time running and the sign of person’s presence in this room.

Robert Toth (Slovak Republic)
My name is Robert Toth, I am 25, and I am coming from Slovakia, from the hearth of Europe. At the moment I am studying architecture on Faculty of civil engineering on STU in Bratislava. I am interesting about art and design since early childhood, even though I was never attending any school of art. I am surrounded with friends with artistic background and maybe that is what makes me move in front and challenging me to come with new ideas. But today my go No. one is successfully finish my studying and afterwards find a job in area of graphical design and architecture.

Work title: “COALTER watch”
The title of my project came out of combination of words COmpass and ALtimeTER, the origins of my inspiration. I know these two gadgets as personification of simplicity and correctness, and COALTER watch wants also going this way! Enjoy!

Naoya Yoko (Japan)
Graphic designer. Born in Yamagata, Japan in 1976. Currently working as “agasuke”.

Work title: “gradation and border”
I wanted to make it like a carving, which changes its shape as the time goes. The borderline between start-point and end-point of color gradation is the clock-hands indicating the current time.

Predrag Stakic (Serbia)
Born in 1978 and still alive. Laughing and suffering in Belgrade.

Passionate but harmonious,
smart but emotional,
sexy but spiritual,
friendly but individual,
nice but not naive,
dreamer but rational,
creative but lazy,
charming but honest,
unusual young man
looking for a soul mate,
or at least cooperation for the common sake.

Work title: “Just…WATCH! ok?”
Witty, backhanded warning “BETTER WATCH”

Naohiko Furuya (Japan)
Graphic designer. Experienced the greatness and the possibility of design in London. Returned home country Japan after that. Looking for how to see things to enjoy in everyday life.

Work title: “Pyramids and The Sun”
When I pause to think of time, I realize that it’s the thousands of years of human living, and relationship between the earth and the sun.

Pakpoom Lamoonpan (Thailand)
Was Born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1979. Graduated from Faculty of Visual Communication Arts, Silpakorn University in 2001.Have been working as Graphic Designer since then.At 2004 established a design group with friends,Good Citizen. Now living in Tokyo for furthur study and still working as Graphic Designer together with an Illustrator as a team in the name of Sorry-sorry.

Work title: “tik-talk”
I saw these balloons in japanese manga and I love these symbols.I dont know who is the first one created them but i think these are very good design.You can say this work tribute to its greatness. Maybe it represent myself living with japanese environment, that everyone talking and I don’t understand any of them.

Jan Roth (UK)
Age 36. Grown up in Berlin. Diverse background from different design industries. Currently based in London and working on retail projects.

Work title: “WorldClock2 * the global companion”
Inspired by airport flight displays- World Clock2’s primary design components are: the local time display and a global location list. Its rational for development is based on offering a time device for mobile users in international environments.

HENG WhooKiat (Singapore)
An alumni of Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris, Kiat is an experimental architect/designer currently based in Singapore. A founding member of Po.D, his architectural research with Po.D has travelled to major European museums and events such as the Vitra Museum, Museu de les Arts Decoratives of Barcelona and Archilab. More recently, Po.D’s work on mobile architecture – Nomambule, iNSTANT eGO and NOLO – were exhibited at the Hangaram Design Museum in Seoul. Together with Cheryl HENG, Kiat is also part of beanbagbeanpaste – an artistic duet. beanbagbeanpaste blends music to choreography to design and even philosophy. Past works include experiments and research on dynamic spaces and sensorial perception. On his own, Kiat also writes in thinktankthinktank – a tankful of ideas charging forward. Thoughts and ideas on thinktankthinktank originate from his research ranging from architecture, design, urbanism to cultural-socio-economic analysis. Besides the above, Kiat works, for subsistence, in public policy for arts & heritage development …

Work title: “Lark”
Clocks have evolved from measuring time to being fashion statements. Today, mobile phones have the luxury of multiple-interfaced clocks. In a mobile phone, one can usually choose between interfaces such as analog, digital, calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer, etc. “Larkâ€� was inspired by recent published research on our bodyclock. Some people are Morning Larks (rise early, rest early), whilst others are Night Owls (rise late, rest late). Each of them has respectively different peak levels at different times of the day. “Lark” attempts to give the mobile phone a main clockface with secretarial interface in helping time management as many of us experience less and less time to do more and more things. Important points of the day where our body may peak or face fatique/difficulty in performing certain tasks are emphasized with bolder and brighter numbers and hands. For example, a Morning Lark better performs creative and analytical tasks from 0600 – 1300hrs and from1500 – 1700hrs. Since someome at rest is not likely to look at the clock in detail, if at all, the clockface then fades out from 1700hrs onwards when the body slips into rejuvenation and resting modes. A similar clockface can be imagined for a Night Owl, with other variations in colours and fonts.

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