HAPPENINGText: Yurie Hatano

DesignTide in Tokyo 2006 took place at an empty building and various galleries in Tokyo from November 1 through the 5th. About 100 groups of designers gathered for this event from all over the world. This year’s theme “DESIGN” & PEACE. There was a sign hanging outside of the main building asking, “what you really need.” Ecology and peace were the main notion artists were expressing.

There were exhibition part, which was by 60 groups of designers, and market place called “Tide market” to sell their pieces.

There were a lot of participants with various styles of art such as interactive installation, free climbing, building blocks, etc…

This piece was created by French artist Geraldine Gonzalez, who also manages show-windows for a famous department store in Paris. The big black heart motif engenders a mysterious and special atmosphere. The piece elicits a message that nature is more powerful than anything.

In the Treasured Trash project, creators from different genre showed their original resource cans and objects made with scrap woods.

Colorful chandelier. When looked at up close, these chandeliers are made from plastic that had been picked up from the beach. Designed by English designer Stewart Heygars, this piece emphasizes a strong message about the environment.

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