HAPPENINGText: Yurie Hatano

On Sunday 29th of October, at five in the afternoon, when the weekend had only several hours left, people were gathering at And A shop space on the second floor of Stellar Place Sapporo. And A is a concept shop which crosses several genres such as fashion, design, art and music, and sends new and provocative cultures with a global point of view. On the day, here they held an opening event of their exhibition “my instincts – cut&collage”, following to the other two shops in Kobe and Sendai.

Producing attractive space design and even time as well as fashion or products, And A keeps developing art projects in their own way, including collaboration between various designers and artists, and also issuing an art free paper “wall on”. With this exhibition and event “My Instincts – Cut&Collage”, they put October concept “CLEAR” into art, based on the collection theme of Fall/Winter 2006/2007, “MONO-COLLAGE”.

The whole space of the shop had colorful cutting sheet works in the shape of various creatures and nature, on the floor, counter, mirror, and windows, just like a tattoo art on the whole shop as a campus.

By a characteristic of cutting sheet, the clearness has been kept without completely obstructing spaces or aspects, although it still has vividness or mosso. It exactly looks the space of “MONO-COLLAGE” and “CLEAR” with clothes and accessories done the layout.

Opening event was started in front of a screen with the presentation of Virginie Lavey who did the art direction of this exhibition. Megumi Murata from And A hosted as good interpreter.

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