HAPPENINGText: Yoshito Maeoka

I would like to introduce some impressive artists and works in the exhibition.

Candice Breitz, Legend

The chorus of Bob Marley’s legendary song is played from the wall of 30 monitors. But if you take a look at each monitors carefully, a different person’s face is projected on each monitors. It is each person that sings the song along with Marley’s. This work pulls out much more dynamism and stirs up physical impression by reproducing “a chorus” using media.

Tamtam, Farben

The sound is played from the speaker which is installed in the ruined church building. Even the traffic noise and the birdsong from across the street are being heard as an artistic sound that plays with the viewer’s perception.

Kris Vleeschouwer, Glass Works

Glass Works is installed at the entrance of the Akademie der KunsteIn in Paris square. Glass Works consists of racks, filled with enormous amount of glass bottles and occasionally some of them have fallen from the racks. In fact this installation is linked to the glass recycling container in Berlin. Whenever someone throws glass into this container, glass is pushed out of the racks in the installation.

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