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SONAR 2006

HAPPENINGText: Julio Cesar Palacio

Sonar, day acts, Friday 16th

Before the concerts and live acts of the day started, and while the participants got ready for a long day of head-bouncing and excessive dancing, it started to rain heavily. It already seemed as if the Sonar would stay empty that day, taking into account that most of its spaces are open air. But it turned out differently, and the alarming clouds disappeared leaving us with the Sonar and the heat, as every year.

White Diet

The day started strong with the performance of White Diet (UK), whos band includes members from countries such as Slovenia, Israel or Nepal. They made people dance soon with their strange mix of psychibilly, mantra, tanguele and hip hop.
Along with them came the first big surprise of the day, the singer of the Scissor Sisters joining in with the White Diet.


Not much later, the auditory was packed again with people wanting to see the Liars, also from the UK, who met the taste of the head-shaking crowd with their rough sound and riff-loaded, shrill guitar play. The explosion of white and blue lights along with the epileptic beats of the drums made people already dance a little at 5 in the afternoon.


The Liars presented their new album Drum’s not dead, which continues with the experimental style they displayed so far and with the caracteristic dance-punk that defined the group.


Later, inside the MACBA (Sonar Complex), we experienced a strange and unforgettable session of music and images. It was delightful and turned into the first big popular success of the day. It was DORAVIDEO from Japan playing, with a basically very simple set-up, drums and audiovisual. But DORAVIDEO converted his set of drums into a weapon of mass amusement, oscilliating, complex and interesting also due to the selection of videos that went with it and extended the energy of the drums further.


Meanwhile, in the SonarDome, one could find a calmer athmosphere created by Gustav, who used the voice of the author and the electronic arrangements, mixing these with a good bit of sense of humor. But to be honest, not many people actually sat down to listen to the sweet melodies of the Dome, given that the public was out in search for some more danceable music.

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