HAPPENINGText: Julio Cesar Palacio

For all the people who love music and have the luck to live in Barcelona, June is the start of the crazy movement between festivals and concerts.

With all the big offers that the city provides, there is no doubt that the most expected one is the veteran Primavera Sound. This year the artist line-up made people talk already months ago. An than you realize, that in tree days, you will be able to see some of these names: Lou Reed, The Violent Femmes, The Flamming Lips, Lambchop, Yo la Tengo… etc.

Final Fantasy

The world of the indies was upside down, the Festival didn’t dissapoint anybody, and even more than that, this edition of the Primavera was one of the best in years.

The new location in the Forum area near to the sea made the Festival more enjoyable, and the feeling of being canned fish dissapeared with the huge spaces of the Forum.

Lenny Motorhead

The festival started as high as it was the last day, with a strange surprise for the indie population when the 60 something years old Lenny Motorhead jumped to the stage and brought with him almost the doble tons of volume than the rest of the band. It was brilliant to see the heavy metal fans shaking their heads together with the art crowd.

After the heavy noise, it was time for the overrated band of Paul Doherty, the Baby Shanbles, which everyone expected to be good, but, nobody knew not even a single song of them. Maybe people were expecting to find Kate Moss backstage, having fun.

The first day, some other great shows also took place, from Castanets and the multi-comunal band I’m from Barcelona (they’re from Sweden).

Yo la Tengo

But the big moment of the day was to see the fabulous and mitical Yo la Tengo playing on the big stage. There is nothing I can say about it, cause it was really great. They played songs from Fakebook, Summer Sun, Electr-o-pura and a whole repertory of classics.

The first day was Thursday, but the crowd didn’t go to bed till the 2ManyDj’s end up their dj session including versions of New Order, The Arcade Fire, Madonna… at about 6 in the morning.

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