SONAR 2006

HAPPENINGText: Julio Cesar Palacio

In the dance-version, visitors will recognize a lot of those musicians who seem to have subscribed to the festival and have their usual space in it every year, like Matthew Herbert, Miss Kittin, Richie Hawtin together with the Detroit Ryan Elliot, the Frenchman Laurent Garnier and the Canadian Tiga.


Ryuich Sakamoto + Alvar Noto: A colaboration between the two artists. The prior, one of the greatest composers and musicians of the contemporary music scene, works between the boundaries of music and technology. Sakamoto, founder and member of the famous Yellow Magic Orchestra, composed the soundtracks of as much as 18 films.

Ryuich Sakamoto + Alvar Noto

Carsten Nicolai aka Alvar Noto on the other hand is an artist who became known as one of the leaders in the field of visual and sound design. He uses art and music to create hybrid compositions that have made him become the avant-garde of a new minimalism in the contemporary electronic music.

Alvar Noto

This is how Sonar started: A delicate concert of sound and visual effects with Sakamoto on the piano and Alvar Noto on his computer, the two on the stage separated by a huge horizontal LED-screenshowing the movements of the sound from the piano together with real time images.

During the concert, one could see that the collaboration between the two artists has reached a point of understanding and accompliceship where they fully supplement each other, and the virtuosity of Sakamoto found its perfect match in the images and ambientes by Noto.

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