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HAPPENINGText: Yoshito Maeoka

What was shown in the second room might be called “a film drama” relating to this installation.

The film which lasted about 35 minute starts with a scene in which a man enters the room of a victim with girl Lütte. He pushes the victim aside forcibly and enters the room, binding her with no sympathy. He then begins preparations for an insane experiment under control by the girl indirectly. He ties the frightened victim upon the table. When the experiment is about to peak, he puts the girl outside.

More than heartless, the film shows the detail of his experiment. He pulls a tooth of the victim and tears off a nail, breaks off a finger and cuts off ears. He plays with parts of the victim’s body, but there is nothing satisfies him at all, so the experiment continues. However, they seem to have some certain rule that I can’t find. The experiment seems to be a game that the girl performed outside.

Eventually, he washes his bloody face and covers his bloody body with a blanket, and he plays with the girl bored outside the door. He shows his gentle face as a father in front of her.

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