Every Sunday, Spitalfields market is busy with new designers, artists, and vintage clothing dealers. You can say this is the most fashionista-loving market in London. Now, this week after the end of London’s official fashion week, is alternative fashion week featuring young cutting edge new comers.

Alternative Fashion Week sponsored by SWATCH, provides The Individual Designer Award for innovative use of fabrics and design and The College Award. Starting with live Jazz music at an open space market, you can feel the positive and colorful power of the artists who truly enjoy everything about fashion.

The first presenter was Hackney Community College students. They used fabrics as if they were canvas and put all sorts of paints on them. It was like a student festival as they wore their own designs. Whenever they see their friends, you could hear compliments, rooting and whistling. That was certainly something you can’t see at any other cat walk apart from here.

A complete change, was next as nicely cut short hair girls appeared on the stage. All of them dressed in happy, bright colors. The color scheme makes it look more and more vivid.

Charoline Carleton, the designer got the inspiration from a kaleidoscope. The garments strutted without any darts, vertical seams nor armholes succeeds to make simple and sexy lines. Must feel like going out for spring!

Cat walk, like a theater play was directed by Richardo Ramos from Barcelona. Funny hair styled models walked with their flower scattered outfits. Usually models pose only a second and leave but she just stood for like half a minute and looked listlessly into the distance. You couldn’t take your eyes off of her. Flower prints, balloon skirts, the great balance between feminineness and mellowness was distinct with this wardrobe.

Personally I love Alva Wilson. Oh it is not hat sake!

We have our own idea and attitude to fashion. Originality or brand new are not the only things required. One might consider the importance of its function or comfortableness. Although, it is also true that our favorite cloth makes us feel happy and straighten our bag. Seeing these designers who tackle fashion with all their best, made me think differently about how to wear and deal with fashion. Well anyway, summertime finally comes to London. So it must be good time to start walking with something new!

SWATCH Alternative Fashion Week
Date: 20th – 24th March, 2006
Place: Spitalfields market
Addres: Crispin Place Brushfield St. London E1

Text and Photos: Sayaka Hirakawa

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