HAPPENINGText: Yoshito Maeoka

One of the winter highlights in a cultural city Berlin, “Lange Nacht Der Museen” (Long Night of Museums) was held on 28th of January. This is the 19th edition, having been held twice a year since 1997.

From 18:00 on the day to 2:00 midnight, people could go around about 70 museums and galleries in Berlin as much as they could just with one ticket (general 12EUR, student 8 EUR). Adding to the usual transportations, 7 more buses run along 7 model courses.

I went to the place where I don’t usually go and also I could see the modern art, without the instruction of any courses.

Akademie der Kunste

The meeting point was the Akademie der Kunste standing in front of Brandenburger Tor, a symbol of unified Germany. The glazed building was completed in recent years, and I wanted to take this opportunity of going inside the building. The lecture meetings were mainly held on the day, and the exhibition was in a 15 square meter room underground, having the materials of theatrical art by a stage director Herbert Wernicke.

A building having DaimlerChrysler Collection

Leaving the building which didn’t come up to my expectation, we headed next for Potsdamer Platz, a symbol of unified Germany. There is a floor exhibiting DaimlerChrysler’s Contemporary Art Collection in the only building which left around this burnt-out area after the war.

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