HAPPENINGText: Pablo Gonzalez Diaz, Sebastian Valdivia

Latin-American design finally found a meeting point and TRImarchiDG has proven it once more. 1 stadium, 3 days, 15 conferences and 4000 assistants made it happen again this year. With popularly acclaimed conferences and workshops this fourth year has become the strongest to date and I was happily there to tell it.

The low price and the heart put in this event became the perfect weapons for a perfect cause: everyone ever interested in design could easily take part of it and make it his own during three days of learning and ever growing professional means. Just the fact of standing there could tell me lots of great things were about to happen in the next hours.

First thing to catch my attention was the geographical diversity of the people there: designers from Paris, Bogota, Berlin, Mexico DF, London, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires or even Montreal were sharing their email addresses and giving birth to future collective projects all around; it was crazy and extremely enjoyable how the cultural mix felt almost natural for everyone.

A 1500 feet circular exposition was the mandatory first step in. Its eclectic styles and authors gave it a singular point of view on what’s going on today on the design fields. I saw a lot of works from recognizable designers or even passers-by showcasing their spontaneity on the stadium’s walls giving conference’s concrete surroundings a warmer feeling. The vicinity of a skate park or huge bombed walls are also a location’s plus.

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