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HAPPENINGText: Yuhei Kikuchi

The hot 2 days in the east most island country. Asia’s biggest international art event Design Festa, which is in its 11th year and the 22nd this time, was hold on the 26th and 27th of November. The number of exhibitors was 6,000, participating countries was 36 and visitor was 51,000. This event exactly lives up to above description.

I was firstly surprised at a lot of people when I arrived the site. The space spread from the previous 1 floor to 2 floors this time. However, I often had to thread my way through the visitors. Besides, though it had been the season in Tokyo when scarves had been crucial outside, I sweat a little while walking with my jacket off. Suddenly the term “the exhibitors’ powerful air of excitement” on the invitation went through my head.

There were the area for booths more than 2,600, for outside live stage, for show, for film showing and for restaurant & cafe with a rich international flavor in the site. This time, benefits of 2 floors were utilized and there was a new attempt that lights were dimmed in partial booths. The following is the introductions of some areas and the outstanding exhibitors with photos.

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