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G-Lab aka Bumstein & Garbstein are interdisciplinary art group founded by two artists Arturas Bumsteinas and Laura Garbstiene during the exhibition Parallel Progressions 3 in the fall of 2002 in Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius.

The group seeks for interdisciplinary approach in their visual and aural media activities no matter what kind of creative work they do – live performances, different media installations, video films, clips, vj settings – or what place they are in – gallery, openair festival, nightclub, etc.

Participated in the number of important events in Lithuania Bumstein & Garbstein are also presented their works in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Some of work Arturas Bumsteinas and Laura Garbstiene do on their own (video and sound), but together they like to realize general ideas and creative inputs.

Videoart is still a “fresh and new” art form for Lithuania, but it spreads very quickly among different art and music centers, events, clubs, galleries and of course among different creative people. It’s becoming to dominate and is included (or also includes) all the modern art ideas and disciplines – minimalism, performances, installations, photography, film, etc.

Bumstein & Garbstein are the ones who enjoy the power and flexibility of videoart. Their video portfolio filled with different video loops, installations, clips and screenings. The artists like to collaborate and share their video ideas with other creative people.

Arturas Bumsteinas has a big passion for music and nowadays possibilities to create it. The artist didn’t like put his music in a particular style and thinks that music (in general) has too many useless terms. Arturas is more interested in composition fundamentals than in surfaces of style.

Being one of the most productive experimental music creators in Lithuania Arturas Bumsteinas founds more and more fans outside it. Not so long ago he published his virtual work Retorta in Ukraine’s label Nextsound and now Arturas Bumsteinas is also proud of his virtual album Placido published this year in USA label Zeromoon.
It is the chilliest collection of sounds from Arturas Bumsteinas and a good way to become familiar with him.

Bumstein & Garbstein are always busy with the future plans. They have couple offers to take part in exhibitions and obsessed with filming/editing things. This spring Bumstein & Garbstein will participate in Electronic music festival “E-Muzika” (2005/04) and will have Solo exhibition in Ibid.projects Gallery (2005/05) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Text: Emanuelis Ryklys from RUT RUT

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