HAPPENINGText: Yasuharu Motomiya

In the neighbour tent, there were spaces for various artist’s works, for example, a marvelous wooden clock by a Japanese design unit Vinta. The clock moves by a motor. The inclination of the wooden object tells us the time. At a first glance, it seemed not to move but it changed little by little. It tells time but we forget the stream of time by seeing it. It’s a wonderful experience.

Aoyama area was filled with many designer’s works. Now let’s briefly introduce them.

These works were of a design project “gg” and “D-Bros“. A colourful and graceful vase, glassware and a lovely chest were displayed. I especially liked a cup placed behind a set stairs to be discovered like a secret.

Works of “Piet Hein Eek” are stools or tables made with scraps of wood. The idea of display felt fresh, mixing the real chairs and a silhouette of a person.

This magazine rack by “Nendo” who was awarded in the past Designers Block. They make full use of a curved line of material.

This is Claudio Colucci‘s lighting with superb colouring, bold size and shape, and twinkling spangles. Good design is everywhere in the city.

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