CET 04

HAPPENINGText: Yuki Ishida

Several days ago, I walked around CET (Central East Tokyo) until I was worn out, with a red brochure in my hand, to see around “CET04” which was held for ten days in this area.

About 80 places of vacant buildings dotted around in Central East Tokyo was provided to this event free of charge, and it’s impossible to visit all of them in one day. Those venues varied from extremely neat space which could be moved into immediately to incredibly old and elegant one (actually, there’s some shabby places).

CET04 is an art & design event that over one hundred artists hold an exhibition at these places in their own way. I’ll pick up the highlight of CET04 for you.

This exhibition is “Blood Tube Wear” which aims to have a communication by wearing it. It is by Blood Tube Group, a unit working in various media such as graphics, fashion, visual and music. There’s a cute and pop space inside. Banners set up at the entrance is a mark of CET.

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