HAPPENINGText: Naoko Fukushi

Passing through such space perplexedly, you will come out to a drastically different space. It might be the sense of smell, not vision which stimulate your senses at first. The floor is covered with hay and there are huge girls on it. About 3000 drawings of 120 kinds of girls attached on the wall are shaking. Compared with the previous work, this installation is warm and feels soft. This installation reflects Yayoi’s “dream” in childhood.

As the last work of this exhibition, there is a simple drawing on a pure white wall. It calms down the various feelings stirred up with the work which had wrapped the whole body till then. The message by Yayoi who wishes love and peace strongly is also written down there.

Yayoi says, “I want to deliver a message of love and peace through my works. The passion of young people was felt through this fashion show. I want to value such young free creativity. To keep the world peaceful is very important to raise such creative power.”

Stunning energy and a feeling of a life are felt from her work, creating a “Kusama” world through a wide variety of mediums like fashion, sculpture, pictures, the novel, etc… The works have been born from her womb; I felt that strongly. She is the mother of art.

Kusamatrix: Yayoi Kusama Exhibition
Date: June 5th – August 22nd, 2004
Open: 9:45 – 17:30
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo
Address: 2-75 Sapporo Art Park, Minami-ku, Sapporo
TEL: +81 (0)11 591 0090

Text: Naoko Fukushi
Photos: Naoko Fukushi

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