HAPPENINGText: Naoko Fukushi

A party moved to the open space of grass and a large number of models made a circle surrounding Yayoi Kusama. Then, there was an interesting production which let the press photographers enter in the circle and take photographs. Yayoi waved her hands dignifiedly and the models behaved like dolls swaying their body right and left from beginning to end. Their appearance looked like fairies in the woods, surrounded by rich green nature.

This fashion show was realised under Yayoi Kusama’s supervision, visiting students at “Bunka Fashion College” in Tokyo and the students took charge of the design of a dress, creation, and a model for the day. For the Sapporo exhibition, students at “Bunka Fashion College” in Sapporo were in charge of coordination.

There were a lot of young people who were interested at being able to see the many figures and get to shake Yayoi’s hand. It seems that she has gained strong support from young people, not only with her works but also from her way of life. At the end of the show, talking about her impression of Sapporo etc… she started singing “A Manhattan Suicide Addict” and “Now That You Have Died” composed by herself.

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