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PEOPLEText: Jerome Lacote

I enjoyed the Pleix work on the last BD4D Paris (an exhibition of designers) so I sent few questions to Laetitia Rouxel to know more about them.

Can you introduce Pleix ?

Pleix is a 7 persons unit (2girls/5boys) based in Paris. It’s composed of graphists, 3D designers, a musician, a video editor and a production manger who coordinates the group. We can work together or only two or five persons according to the project.

What is your background ?

We mostly studied in art school (Supinfocom, Arts Déco, ATEP). Next we become freelancer or we worked in various companies. We worked with the video producers Kuntzel and Deygas when we met ourselves. We worked on "Psyché Rock" a remake of Pierre Henry, the video-clip "Sacré Français" de Dimitri from Paris, advertisings (Live Jazz d’Yves-Saint Laurent) or various short films.

What are your influences?

We have several influences: 70’s video games, 90’s English designers, American movies, video clip, cartoons, electronic music, comics, etc…

How are you work?

We work on network, each people bring an idea, a concept and others react and … happens. Afterwards, each member manage a part of the work according to his skills and his wishes. Our movies are very time-consumer. We melt several technics ant it needs a lot of hours in front of screen. We click much!

Can you introduce your actuality?

Our movies are showed in the international festival of Rotterdam. An exhibition of all our movies is foreseen at the Ink and at "Les Abattoirs" in Toulouse. We have just finished a project titled "Clicks". This project have also a funny spirit and a very closed collaboration between picture and sound.

What is your projects?

We are working on two others movies, we’ll finish it in one or two months.

We foresee others exhibitions, “Electronic Rendez-vous” in Niort, “Les douches électriques” (Electric Shower!) in Brest, an exhibition of pictures and videos in the Pathos Transport Theater of Munich and other festivals. Of course, we project new works.

What do you think about contemporary creation?

Contemporary creation is both very exciting and disappointing. We regret a copy-pate systematic of certain graphics tendencies. Only a few designers and realisators really create new aesthetic. We would hope see more creativity according to the wonderful easyness to produce spectacular movies on a laptop per example.

Text: Jerome Lacote

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