HAPPENINGText: Chris Lee

Kim Atta, Museum Project- Series of Holocaust #26, 1997

‘Bodyscape’ is a new neologism made up from two words, ‘body’ and ‘landscape’. It is also a term used by American art historian Nicholas Mirzoeff to refer to the scenery generated by representations of the body in visual cultures. Of our lives, the ‘body’ is the subject, and the ‘landscape’ is the place and stage.

Kong Sung-Hun, Eating an Insect, 2002

Korean philosophers of the past thought of the surroundings of our bodies as the cosmos and compared the structure of the human body to the principles of cosmos. The body is not only a biological, physical phenomenon, but also a dynamic complex of thoughts, feelings, and desires, in mutually effecting relationship with all other beings in the world.

Park Sung-Tae, Untitled, 2002

This exhibition joining 9 mid-career Korean artists; Kong Sung-Hun, Kim Myung Sook, Kim Atta, Kim Il-Yong, Park Sung-Tae, Park Young-Sook, Yun Aiyoung, Jung Bocsu, and Chung Hyun who work in the diverse media of painting, sculpture, photography, and video, participate in this exhibition.

Date: January 14th – February 23rd, 2003
Place: Rodin Gallery
Address: Samsung Life Insurance Building, 2ga Taepyung-ro, Joong-ku, Seoul
Tel: +82 (0)2 3706 7495

Text: Chris Lee
Photos: Courtesy of Rodin Gallery © the artists

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