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A video artist (Thierry Payet), a journalist (Sophie Rocherieux) and a musician of electronic culture (Zol) work on emotions in between their respective disciplines.

This work is creating the basis for an atmosphere on the borderline between the visual and the sound spheres, between the investigation and the creation. The whole (image + sound) is played live around the trio : music, video, journalism.

Commissioned by the “cinemas of tommorow” of the Centre Pompidou, and included in the “rendez-vous? lectroniques”. Tri- has constructed a project adapted to the constraints of the place, a movie theater. The idea was to transcribe our perception of the Centre Pompidou, a place that impresses us a lot, a place that we frequent, a temple of art “at the same time a church and a brothel,” (Renzo Piano, one of the architects). A theme showed up, permitted by the freedom and experimental character of the place: happiness-trickery.

One of the two main links has been the Church (parallel between the Pompidou portrait and Jesus), the other being the meeting with Yona Friedman, “cult” architect who has worked on the Centre Pompidou Competition (1974). Freidman is introducing “his” Beaubourg. After more than one month of filming, music composition and interviews, the final show took the form of a cinema showing. A first and last showing the whole being a succession of emotions, with transition less rational than sensitive, and where nature (the main lacking element in the place), voids and plentiful bits have their share.


Cinemas of tommorow
19th Septembre 2002
Centre national d’art et de culture Georges Pompidou
75191 Paris cedex 04

Text: Jerome Lacote from 6um

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