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HAPPENINGText: Anthony Augendre

Last month you were told about the hooligans invasion in France. It sounded a bit like a joke but the joke has slowly become reality. Although football supporters are fighting in the street, cultural activities still flourish here in Paris. You should visit the most exciting exhibition of the year.


Max Ernst at Georges Pompidou centre. The last retrospective of this famous french surrealist artist, took place seven years ago. Parisians had to wait for a long time before seeing the complete work of Max Ernst. This time, twelve chronological rooms display a wide selection of paintings and sculptures that have never been seen before.

This exhibition entitled “Sculptures, maisons, paysages” (Sculptures, Homes, Landscapes) is a clever approach to the artistic world of Ernst. It subtly shows some funny aspects of his works even if it is mainly focused on sculpture. Sculptures on river stones, sculptures on bond-stones, all of them, inspired by african primitive art, seem to be little space aliens coming down on earth especially for the french public.

Some scultures has been reproduced into a gigantic size, somewhat frightening creatures are watching you from the ceiling. Of course you will differently interpret this work and it’s a rightful thinking because the artist huimself would probably have wanted to, as he was exploring dreams and fantasy landscapes.

Max Ernst “Sculptures, maisons, paysages.”
Date: May 9th – July 27th, 1998
Place: Georges Pompidou centre
Address: Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 4478 1233

Text: Anthony Augendre

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