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Paris in July gathers the World in a happy vision of Luxury. The race from one show to another started again, mixing International poach VIP’s. Though the weather has not always been part of the annual summer mess, this year, the Spring/Summer 2003 Ready-To-Wear catwalks brought emerging names onto the top of the Paris Fashion scene, renewing the idea of chic and fantastic.

“Once upon a time… a small house in the snow in a cold country. Night falls… a little girl gets asleep. Her dolls come to life, animate, try her clothes on…”

For this surprising presentation, David Vincent Camuglio tells a fairy tale. He plays with dolls and princesses, dresses little girls with oversized clothes, mixing colors, geometrics and ribbons. The young Corsican fetches his inspirations in cartoons and childhood, and he renews the idea of fashion, keeping up with the French quality and reknown of the industry.

New formats, experimental color and material mixes, together with a perfect technique, David Vincent brings a wind of change and freshness, combinating his own talent with quite long and various experiences, for this only 30 year old createur.

He had already spent over 10 years in the fashion industry, when graduating from the Studio Bercot, in Paris, 4 years ago. From a classic tailor house, where he took the passion of details and handmade, to the most top of the scene names (Shirtology, Carrie Rossman, Jeremy Scott, Jean-Claude Jitrois,…), David Vincent has learnt all the tricks of the industry, but also that work and perseverance, linked to a fabulous ambition, are the key to success.

Encounters have also been on his yellow brick road, that congratulated him for his work and encouraged him to follow his fahion project. Jean-Jacques Picart, a consultant to LVMH, especially offered him the means to conduct and present his collections last and this years. The latest show in July brought him with press and International buyers. And David is proud to announce he has concluded his first sales in Japan of his Spring/Summer 2003 collection.

October will see David Vincent’s presentation and sales campaign in his own Paris show-room, as well as his 31st birthday. On these both occasions, all we wish him is to continue his talented way to success.

David Vincent Camuglio S.A.S.
Address: 7 rue Suger, 75006 Paris
Tel : 01 53 10 32 65
Press : Sylvie Grumbach 01 42 33 93 05

Text: Clarisse Dusser

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