PEOPLEText: Naoko Ikeno

Who are you going to feature in your gallery space?

Works from the contributors and from new talents that we admire.

Whom would you like to show this web-zine?

Anybody who is interested! Everybody in the creative community.

How often are you going to update? What are you going to include in the next issue?

Bi-monthly. The theme of the next issue is “Play”. It will feature eBoy, Future Farmers, Dave Kinsey, Charizmatik, Banksy.. etc. We will also be interviewing creative community sites such as Stickernation, Tiger, Guerilla One… etc We are currently working on an interactive game for the issue as well.

What do you think about multimedia scene in Singapore?

William: Personally, I find the multimedia scene here too ‘safe’…we should venture more towards the unknown…

Jackson: Mainly very corporate and commercial, but I guess that is what the consumers need at the moment. Sometimes if you ask me which is more important… being able to buy Mineral water from the grocery store or go to the gallery to see a piece of work… water is probably more essential. We are the ones who try to build the cultural side of consumption since the majority are already trying their best to help you buy things of the net.

How about other media towards it?

William: They are just as ‘safe’ as well.

Jackson: Very excited in the possibilty but low in understanding. Project Eyeball, a local newspaper cum web-site that targets the web-savvy generation recently folded because of that.

What do you think about the future of multimedia in Singapore?

William: We need more risk-takers to make it more interesting.

Jackson: High on technology, low in creativity I believe the design will be just as good as anywhere in the world but knowing what goes into the web-site is the problem. There are a lot of good orators who can tell stories but not enough people who knows what stories to tell. It is nobody’s fault. The country is relatively young, so it needs time to build it’s culture. We are very good consumers…. we just need to become better producers.

Please tell us noteworthy Singaporean designers and artists.

Most of the creative individuals we like and admire are in the :transmission project, such as graphic designers H55, Asylum, environmental designers Blow…etc. Others such as advertising creatives Work , photographer John Clang and furniture designer Patrick Chia does excellent work. Despite what we said about the scene in general being bland. We are actually amongst a new group of exciting creatives from Singapore who are radically different from the previous one. This new extended community of fashion, club, design, art, music people has started to take shape. The best thing is everybody knows everybody.

This is the last question. Do you have any plans for the near future?

William: Keep moving forward and try not to look back too often.
Jackson: As many things that we fancy as possible.
Melvin: Move my illustrations into merchandise.
Alvin: Working on more projects with interesting people.

Address: 287 River Valley Road, Singapore 238328
Tel: +65 834 9945

Text: Naoko Ikeno

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