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PEOPLEText: Terevision Ruiz

At some time in man’s history, some of our forebears decided to adorn their bodies with bones, skins, stones, plants or any other objects they may have found around them. That act, through the passage of time, became an art that has endured right through to the present. Ana Gonzalez and Óscar Benito make up Locking Shocking and define themselves as designers of jewellery and accessories, although they do much more than that, turning each one of their campaigns into true works of art, where photography, fashion and visual experimentation are the main players, with the added bonus that they themselves control production, manage their own advertising campaigns and work as the photographers.

From its beginnings in 1996 Locking Shocking have shown that they are one step ahead when it comes to current trends in fashion. The first entry on their CV was the presentation of their first collection on the Gaud’ catwalk in Barcelona, and then a short time after, on an international level, collaborating with Michiko Koshino in London Fashion Week. From then on their collaborations with various firms and designers have kept flowing. In 1999 they began to sell their collections in London, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.

Their work is characterised by a style that breaks all the established trends and the result is always original and striking. The accessories they design, as well as the jewellery, are garments they wear themselves. Influenced by art, photography and everything that surrounds them, they surprise with designs where the premise is not “what’s in”, but “what’s going to be in”. Constantly experimenting with all types of materials, they now present their new collection, served with lashings of irony and a certain kitsch flavour: headgear in the shape of brightly coloured hats and artificial flowers; “beauty queen” sashes, medals, medallions, metallic elements combined with leather and glass; wire mesh used to make clothing, tops, shirts with various motifs, collars and bracelets. The Locking Empire continues its expansion across the borders of style.

Text: Terevision Ruiz
Photos: Courtesy of Locking Shocking

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