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HAPPENINGText: Florian Weber

So I decided to see Labraford here this month in Hamburg this time, since I’ve been a groupie of them since so long. Basically it was impossible to forget about it, posters everywhere and all the time helped you with that.

I was going to the Molotov club, which seems to be a real big thing here for show in Hamburg. I guess its just the regular place for something like that. A semi-crowded show, with people who seem to have spend their whole life studying and also want to continue like that. But so yeah. Anyway.

I came into that room and saw this one guy sitting there with his keyboard. Trying to arrange his jazz/post rock playing to the rhythm out of the speakers. It kinda came across as a a pretty tricky task. Let’s just say he could have been a bit more interesting and more harmonic. So I decided to go out to get something to eat and drink. Later, when I’ve came back, I heard from somebody else that this just was pan American. Hellyeah! Great deal! I really expected a bit more from them/him, according to their records.

But thank god. There were Labraford. It is crazy how only three people can make that kind of music, which makes you stand just there and trying to figure how they can do all that and organize the songs. I only know a few bands which have such an amazing feeling for song structures. They totally take their time to slowly build up a song. Sometimes for a second you think they would play 100% offkey and would have forgotten what they were supposed to do with their instruments. But then you slowly reconize how everything lines up together again. The 3 people from Labraford, were really a bit older than I would have thought. 30 and over. But still.. Amazing!

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