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HAPPENINGText: Florian Weber

I’ve been in Hamburg for 2 months and I somehow think of that place as my home now. Before that I lived my whole life in the south of Germany, which is definally very different. Not as cold and rainy. But Hamburg also has alot more to offer. Bigger, more to see, more possibilities.

And no, sorry, Hamburg does not lie on the ocean. I really have no idea how all those people think it does. That is somehow a really weird myth. Maybe its because its just such a huge point for shipping cargo transfers. That could be and would also explain why the Hamburg airport is rather wimpy wimpy. When you are forced to take the bus from some ‘close-to-airport’-metro station, because there is no metro which drives directly to the airport. That makes you feel like you’re in a small town. Not like it would be the 2nd biggest city in Germany (after Berlin).

But well, anyway, Hamburg rocks for me right now, word!

Another thing which changed is my employer. I have worked for Fork Unstable Media since the start of this year and it was really a great decision. Its really a helluva lot of fun there. Really nice not to work in a typical German advertising/media/whatever evironment. Check out how Fork NYC and Fork Berlin take out a can of whoopass for you guys. rock!

Sorry for not being very informative this time. I promise to write more interesting stuff. But like I said, I just moved to Hamburg some weeks ago and believe me there is alot of things which have to be figured out.

Text: Florian Weber
Photos: Florian Weber

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