Hajime Tachibana’s solo exhibition is being held at P-HOUSE, Shibuya. After the period of ’75 to ’80, worked as a member of the Plastics, a legendary techno band, he started acting as a pioneer in the field of CG and typography and later released his original plug-in for Illustrator, Shinyou Beta or Trust Beta. He’s always been spearheading into the graphic design, techno music, electro and pop world in Japan. The first band he formed in the last 15 years was actually, Low Powers, a punk band with a vocalist of a 15 year old girl. As he said before the exhibition that the exhibition would be his point of no return, he is showing a collage of logo marks by American traditional zinc letterpress and prints made with the letterpress. A great combination of monocolour lithographes and digital images “I feel like I’m in a acoustic mood. However the the world is revolutionalised or turned upside down, I am life-sized and indivisual. The texsture of paper is something acoustic that gives me a 3D feeling. As a graphic designer, I’ve never been satisfied facing the monitor and will never give up the possibilities of paper and print” On 20 Feb, he ig going to release ver. 3.0 of the Shinyou Beta that can be used with Win and freehand as well as Illutrator. also, his group exhibition will be held at DEPT gallery on 20 Feb.

Hajime Tachibana exhibition
‘Lithograph and Letterpress and Print-out and Hajime Tacjibana and P-HOUSE and’
Date : 17 Jan to 17 Feb 1998 /Open: 14:00 to 20:00
Entrance Fee: 500yen
Address : 1-29-9, Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Tel: (81)-03-5458-3359
Closed on mondays

Text: Atsuko Kobayashi from spin!
Translation: Satoru Tanno for SHIFT FACTORY

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