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Criterium ’97 has been going on since 2 Aug this year at Art Tower Mito. It is an annual collaborating exhibition of artists and curators who always try to spearhead an innovative expression of art.

This year it focuses mainly on works by the artists born in 1960, along with others who specialize in painting, sculpture, photography and so on. Yanagi Miwa’s photo exhibition in November focused on elevator girls, which highlighted a dreamy world in an elevator taking the viewer far away from reality.

From 20 December, it is scheduled to hold a series of exhibitions; 27-year-old Kyoko Nagashima who had a solo exhibition at Aoyama Play Bill last year , an exhibition by O Jun who is known as a collaborator with Hiroyuki Matsukage from 24 January ’98, and one after 28 February ’98 by Satoshi Hirose who has a number of exhibitions in Sapporo, Thailand, Milano etc.

Criterium ’97
Date : 29th December 1997 – 3rd January 1998
Place : Mito Modern Art Gallery,
Address : 1-6-8 Goken, Mito
Tel: 029-227-8120
Close on every monday

Text: Atsuko Kobayashi from spin!

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