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NEWSText: Aya Shomura


From April 14th, “Hyper Japanesque” Exhibition will be held in Singapore to celebrate Singapore and Japan’s 50 years of diplomatic relations. As curated by Hexaproject, a Shizuoka-based Non-profit organization, it brings 9 Japanese artists whose works are modern interpretations of traditional art forms like ceramics, printmaking, sculpting, drawing and painting.


The exhibition is organized by the Esplanade as a part of ”SUPER JAPAN – Japanese Festival of Arts” (May 13th – 22nd), and studies how both countries, Japan and Singapore, are hyper-evolving countries with fast-developing economies that has influenced cultures and traditions that continue to change with the times.

Participating artists are Yuki Hasegawa, Akiko Ozasa, Naoko Yoshimoto, Keiko Matsumoto, Saya Irie, Hiroko Masuko, Yuri Suzuki and Kouichi Okamoto who will display 30 works including new works.

“Hyper Japanesque” Exhibition
Date: April 14th – July 3rd, 2016
Place: Theatres on the Bay, L2 JENDELA visual arts space
Address: 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981
Tel: +65 6828 8377
Organiser: Esplanade

Text: Aya Shomura

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