Art is a related concept, it links to our society, it reflects the conscious, dream and desire, it reveals contemporary lifestyle and the life when you look back. The Infinite Mix contains all these contents which was presented in The Store at 180 The Strand, an empty building recently became a creative studio.

13 Martin Creed, Still from Work No. 1701 (1)
Work No. 1701 (2013), Martin Creed, London
Courtesy the artist, Hauser & Wirth and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York

The left-right camera movement focuses on pedestrians who are crossing over the road in New York. The artist, Martin Creed explains this video is inspired by our modern life, people look like they are dancing when they make their life. It optimistic highlights on disable and old people, we see those rare walking ways through camera with jubilant pop song which made by Creed who tries to greet the world.

THANX 4 NOTHING (2015), Ugo Rondinone, New York. Photo: Coco Liu

The black box room with 4 huge screens and 8 TVs, audience laying down or sitting on the floor listening John Giorno’s 70’s address. He is standing on the Palais des Glaces theatre’s empty stage to thanks for everyone for everything, thanks for those people surrounded him left him depressed, betrayal, and the death of friends and lovers, the speech is calm with subtle sense of humour. The sharp comparison between full of visitors in the artwork room with the video keeps an empty auditorium scene. Ugo Rondinone’s immersive installation puts audience to experience his emotion: the sadness of continuously saying goodbye to friends and lovers when he is getting older. Is depression caused the dark thought, or the sorrow memories cause depression? Giorno wrote this poem on his 70’s birthday to tell people the life history.

19 Cameron Jamie, still from Massage the History
Massage The History (2007-9), Cameron Jamie, Paris
Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels

The other contemporary art allows audience visit their hidden world is “Massage The History” (2007-9). The video records some black skin colours men are acting erotic movement to furniture, then it became provocative dance. It might look weird, is it because those men were pretending to have sex with furniture, or is it because “masculine men” become the object of camera which women used to be the one?

The video combines other 2 home videos found in American suburbs, and it substitutes the original hip hop music for “Massage The History”, an Indie pop music from Sonic Youth. This collage music video seems like it could always compose a new combination with any other new discovery.

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