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Thanks to Anna Karolina Hagnefur, press responsible at the Festival, she proposed us to meet up actor Parker Croft. Parker is a gentle and very talented chap that at his 24 he has co-written and produced `Falling Overnight,´ which actually is his first leading role in a feature film. The film has a fresh approach to boy-meets-girl story.
He teamed-up with director Conrad Jackson and writer partner Aaron Golden. This first project means a brilliant start off which already had great response from the critique.

Parker Croft

“It’s very exciting, you know. I haven’t sort of seen where’s gonna go. I’m really excited to do more work. I wanna work with as many cool people as I can and also it’s sort of scary cos the future is always very uncertain; you wanna have a long career and it doesn’t happen for everybody so you are trying your best so you know, no make too many mistakes, too much stupid stuff. (laughs),” explains Parker.
The film was presented in a few festivals in Europe so it did in the U.S and will have its theatrical release by the beginning of 2012; it will be very interesting to follow what’s on their minds for the early future.

Alejandro González Iñarritu

Our last meeting was with Visionary Award winner Alejandro González Iñarritu. Although he had four feature films to date, he already achieved a strong and unique profile internationally. He works with human vulnerability and raw emotion. “I always try to make time for me to live. For me life is bigger than films. There’s people that just live to make cinema and cinema is their life. For me, cinema is part of life. Life for me is the source of what I do. It feeds me thematically and inflames me. I couldn’t be just working all the time making films– because when I’m making a film I’m not living. I’m in my bubble, in my island. And if I loose the connection with what life is really about, then what would I be talking about? So that’s why I’m always making a space for life. It’s a very difficult transition from being in your bubble to getting out of that and being exposed to reality. You don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, who you are. For me it’s incredibly difficult but needed in order to achieve the goal.”

People in Stockholm create a great expectation around the Festival during these days and international artists and directors are on each edition more and more satisfied about showing their work here. The Bronze Horse represents both the film industry in Scandinavia and an international spotlight to brilliant figures within the history of this industry.
We would like to thank again to the organization for all the help during the edition this year.

Stockholm International Film Festival 2011
Date: 9th – 20th November, 2011
Place: Several theaters in Stockholm
Tel: +46 8677 50 00

Text: Victor Moreno
Photos: Victor Moreno

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