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- - - - -Text: Shinobu Ono

The glittery, happy world lies through the glass window.


You will find colorful and unique clothes on display, then it will stop you in your tracks. Upon entering the boutique, a glittering and dreamy world excites you-like getting lost in another world. Also, you can see products of all colors decorating the space, each made and chosen with care. What is the power of this place that fills visitors with excitement? 


HARCOZA is located in between Daikanyama and Ebisu. The clothes are centered around the designs of Haruko Okano, with some accessories selected to complement. Also, events are occasionally held there as well as exhibitions for contemporary artists. While interviewing, “glittery and happy” were repeated as keywords. Those words perfectly describe the unique, cute and elegant clothes that bring people joy.

The designer, Ms Okano says, “Clothes are just one thing of daily life, but it is also something that has the ability to change our feelings or ideas. I hope customers can feel some cheer by wearing my products.”


The clothes sold there not only have a novel design, but have also been made with concern for wearability. It will surprise you when the clothes fit you so comfortably. It is easy to recognize that HARCOZA is seriously thinking about “people”.

Ms Okano originally made clothes to order. “I was particularly interested in the worth brought to clothes through that process. As well as being fascinated with the act of customers finding personal worth in themselves from a new suit made to order.” The good feeling when wearing and the suggestion of worth through  one’s own lifestyle create a personal communication through that particular production. 


Ms Okano, is extremely involved in the arts. When she was studying fashion in New York, she was able to freely interact with artists. “While I studied practical things like how much to sell for and branding at school, I encountered many free-thinking concepts from different artists.. They showed me different ways to wear clothes and represent your own style.”

She did things like go to the studios of the artists and take pictures of them wearing her clothes. “I always am aware of the distance between fashion and the arts, for example, how I can combine the two if there are no fusions.” “I think the two, Arts and fashion, have a very similar side at the point of how to explore the value brought to things.” The sympathy for arts is essential to the creations of HARCOZA. 


On the basement floor of the shop, there is a gorgeous and glittery stage. It is usually for customers fitting clothes, so they can feel like a star, and sometimes for performances by artists. As for wearing clothes, HARCOZA lets us think about the true meaning and potential the “ritual” that is under every day life. 

In following collections, the theme will feature apparitions and ghosts. “Good products and things have a soul. Japanese people have been accustomed to the concept from ancient times. I got to feel that strongly since I came back from New York. Now there are plenty of cheaper lovely items around anywhere. However, it is important to pass on one thing to the 2nd, and 3rd generations. I am also glad that customers feel my thoughts for creating.” 

Full of power that makes you happy, HARCOZA welcomes you to the intersection of daily and not-daily life. [The shop is placed on the corner of an intersection, by chance.]
It is not just a boutique, but a origin of creating worth and promoting free communication in the field. It encourages us to shift the direction to be free and acrobatic on capturing daily life, and feeling a sense of happiness.

Address: 1F/B1F 2-15-9 Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:30 (Closed on Tuesday)
Tel: 03-6416-0725

Text: Shinobu Ono
Translation: Eiko Kondo
Photos: © HARCOZA

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