HAPPENINGText: Julio Cesar Palacio


Thursday was a day to go to one of the most important independent and underground venues in the city, the charming and smelly Sidecar to hear the dream pop melodies by the Baltimore duo (trio this time) Beach House, Ii was to close to the stage taking pictures to really hear the sound of the band but I think it was a fantastic gig and the audience was seduced by Victoria’s charm.
Right after was the garage pop and acid rock sound of the Philadelphia songwriter Kurt Vile together with The Violators which closed a brilliant second day of the festival.


Friday started by letting the people discover that a band like Health is not the loudest, because blowing out ears and bleeding noses of the audience came for the psyco-gazed sound by A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS. The Brooklyn band who are best known for making the pedals effect Death by Audio showed why they are (self-proclaimed) the loudest band in NY. The band’s guitars ended up broken on the floor…a beautiful Red Fender Jaguar was sacrificed for the show, yeah!


Next, the Jamboree Club was a perfect place to listen to the young road veteran of punk attitude Ted Leo together with The Pharmacist blowing up the place. It was fantastic to see that Ted Leo still playing and sounding as abrasive and crude as they did at the beginning of the band career at the end of the 90’s.

At the Apolo on the same day the headline of the festival, Devendra Banhart with The Grogs presented their weird magic folk. It was impossible to be there because I was jumping with Ted Leo faraway but I arrived just as they finished playing and there was a stampide of people coming out the Apolo so I guess that it was a crowded and good show.

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