Step 1) Take 5 homes and put art into them. Step 2) Invite the whole neighbourhood. Step 3) Invite everyone else. Step 4) Make sure the beer is readily available. That is the formula to Open House.

Curated by the people who brought you Blackout, The Salon Project’s Open House brings out the voyager in people as they prompt you to explore art in peoples’ living rooms. Gone are the white walls and spot lights of the gallery. In are the tapestries of an owner’s private collection and the telling bookshelves which are windows to the owner’s mind.


Bringing art into the context of a home. Imagining what an installation could look like over your dining room table. Delightful. Uncanny. Groups of 10-15 are herded into the homes where owners pop in and out, where you can hear the TV that they are watching upstairs. It almost is as if they weren’t in, or perhaps they had security cameras peering at the unknowing visitors.


Tucked at the fringe the city centre, a row of nondescript conserved shophouses served as the canvases for these art work. A poet’s home. A banker’s abode. Hidden within and carefully orchestrated are art works that cuts across genres, disciplines and nationality. Local art collective :phunk brings pop in, mixing Japanese manga subculture with western imagery in a series of light boxes.


Artist Charlotte Cain’s “Linger a little longer” brings new meaning to staring at the clouds as over 2000 pieces of hand made thin porcelain sway in the wind, bringing a sweet melody to the space. Delighting the voyagers as they blow, touch and immense themselves in a moment of thought.

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