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Music, Art, Performance, Media Art, Cyber Feminism, Computer, Fashion, Wakki, Cyber, Science, Flash, Design, Technology, Sputniko!


Tell us about your background.

I’m from a mathematics/computer science background. I studied Mathematics and Computer Science in University, and my parents are both Mathematicians. My uncle’s a mathematician and my grandpa is a physicist so I was raised up in a very Math/Science family. It was strange but fun.

How does it influence your choice of profession?

I think it influenced me in a way that:
I’m always curious about the world and how it all works, and I’m curious about new technology and what will happen in the future – which plays a really big role when I approach my music and art work even though they seem completely different from science!

Also I program thanks to my Maths genes, which gives me a lot of strength when I make my work. That’s the influence I think…! Science and Art – they’re both trying to figure something out about the same world and I’m glad I know both rather well…

Is that why you decided to do flash: a combination of art and science?

Yeah it was a good combination, so I ended up doing a lot of it.

I come to know you through Unit9 and you’re the first female doing flash that I know. Is it a rare thing (not many females in this industry) and how does it feel being one of them?

I find it funny when people are surprised of my gender when I talk to someone over the phone or see someone at the interview but otherwise I don’t find anything weird or different being the rare girl.

I actually REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want more girls to program and be familiar with technology because technology is shaping our future and culture, and it is alarming that so few women are participating in it. WE NEED MORE GIRLS.

In Sputniko! I try to encourage this. I reference girls or feminism a lot and I try to set an example of a girl programmer – ‘cyber femme’ or something like that, hoping more girls think its cool to be programming and rocking out.

What is the response so far in terms of getting more girls interested in technology?

It’s good!! I get nice comments from girls and female artists. Young Hoxton girls too! The Hoxton girls are like – ‘wow, that 3d moving thing, awesome…!’ which is a start – if more girls think its cool to be doing this, more girls might try.

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