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HAPPENINGText: Aya Takada

In addition to the exhibition at TWS Hongo, Ehman and Scriver joined the Artists In Residence in the Birdo Space (Shiogama) and Atelier of Kenichi Tanaka (Kyoto). The works during their stay are exhibited in “Collaboration Room.”

Nomadic Exhibition
“Kokeshi”, Seth Scriver

The representative residence work is “Kokeshi” created by Scriver. He usually manipulates a brush pen on his sketchbook while Matsushima Kokeshi is finely turned into one of his characters. It comes from his nomadic expression to immediately take in local material and culture. Not just imitating the traditional culture, but rather reflecting himself into it, ordinary Kokeshi, which consists of a spherical head and columnar body, is turned into a head with a “Chonmage.” You must find yourself laughing when you are confronted with his clownish style.

Nomadic Exhibition

Nomadic Exhibition
Drawings and collages, Shayne Ehman

On the wall, drawings and collages chosen by Ehman and are exhibited, being put on carefully. In his works we find a faded piece of paper, poems, clips from magazines, political messages and fine line art work and so for the artist, being nomadic means roaming and desiring better conditions, not just drifting along aimlessly. Even in his work into which nomadic freedom is put, you may find his carefully designed drawings laced in them.

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