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A young artist in Aichi, Yoh Nagao whose work has won SHIFT 2008 calendar competition. He’s been involved in Design and Art very aggressively launching his T-shirt brand etc.. Hoping for young future creators to get something out of this interview.

Yoh Nagao

Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Yoh Nagao, who was born in 1981, grew up in Kanagawa, and currently live in Aichi. I have had a rage for painting since I was a child, and majored in graphic design at art university. Working both Design and Art fields after graduation not for particular company nor organization. And I also run my original brand “Yogurt“.

Yoh Nagao

Tell us about the brand.

My attention has been caught not only by a canvas after made many hand-written T-shirts including a winning work for Uniqlo Creative Award (UT Grand Prix). I started off Yogurt as my friend asked me to join T-shirt exhibit at a store in NY. It doesn’t have a special concept, but I nevertheless avoid selling my T-shirt which just got a printed logo as a name value. I justly want you to see my picture. There is only a few seconds to look at people’s stuff in the street. My task is to design something which strikes people for that moments. It is still in little now but I am looking forward to make it grow little by little. My work appears on a book “Streetee” which Spanish publishing company Monsa Barcelona is going to release soon featuring T-shirts.

Yoh Nagao

You were in New York before. Tell us about it.

My first travel to NY was back to when I was in teen because I am always interested in street cultures out there like skateboard, music, and fashion. I have been there a couple times including last time when I stayed for 3 months. I went over the city with my portfolio and my works because that is the city I would love to live once near the future. Putting on T-shirt I painted, hanging out at parties, participating an art event, paying the rent by painting, skateboard & basket ball, joining a production’s project. Everything was fun everyday and made many friends. That gave me opportunities later to take part in exhibition and project in NY besides contributing my work to fanzine even I was back in Japan. Ironically, I have got lots of offers after came back to Japan.

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