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IdN magazine which has been leading the creative world in mainly Hong Kong, and Asia had 15th anniversary this year since its first issue. Having design conferences like “Fresh Conference”, “Design Edge”, exhibitions like “A Nice Set Exhibition”, they have achieved many projects which inspire creative people.

Celebrate IdN’s 15th Aniversay, Shift interview with Chris, a Director of IdN.

IdN 15th Aniversary

What do you think are the reasons that you could carry on to this point so far?

Some of us are here for some fun; others for a bit of profit; and some of us are here for spite.

IdN 15th Aniversary
IdN v14n2: Ornamental Graphics – Idea: Two who are tuning up the world

Could you briefly introduce the projects you have ever done?

Apart from our 74 issues of IdN magazine, we have done 4 global design conferences, 20 exhibitions, 100s of books and collaborative projects and discovering huge numbers of talents in every field of design.

IdN 15th Aniversary
IdN v14n4: Cut & Paste Issue – Feature: Re-ordering the Disorder

What were the most memorable projects?

Each and every project has its unforgettable moments to us. The most memorable projects, as TDR (The Designers Republic) would say: its always going to be the next one.

IdN 15th Aniversary

Could you tell us about the event that you are planning to have for your 15th anniversary?

We are running a series of competitions and events this year and publishing our 15th anniversary book. Towards that, we’ll have a traveling art show of our 15th anniversary art in major cities all around the world. Furthermore we’re collaborating with many creative people on different projects, such as a T-shirt design project with Uniqlo that we will be launching an exhibition in the coming Oct at IdN gallery in HK, in coherence with their T-shirt launch in Japan.

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