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PEOPLEText: Yurie Hatano

Connected energy of playing children emerges like a fountain dream.

Pieces of glass float almost weightlessly in a void. Due to high fragility they fall apart when they clash. Fragility stands for beauty which is short lasting.

People arriving and departing from the airport seen through a revolving door. Modern live as it moves on in time and space.

Branches of trees reflect onto the surface of the water. The movement and colors of the images are completely natural and unprocessed. Neighboring objects reveal their intrinsic beauty through the eyes of the viewer.

Smoke, clouds and objects appear in the sky. The frame of view travels above to its upmost point demonstrating the infinity of the universe.

Two lovers swim in a river called lethe (from Greek mythology: river of forgetfulness). They never meet and thus go apart. A girl dives into the river to forget an unhappy love.

Could you tell us about the Shift’s cover this month?

I selected and then animated the work from “VOISIN”. “VOISIN” means neighbor in French. I put this title for meeting a neighbor at a park in Paris.

What’s your schedule like? And also What would you want to try next?

I will participate a Biennial in Santiago, Chile in November, and have an exhibition in Taipei after the new years. Then I have a tour with Yoshihiro Hanno in Europe in mid January. I am also writing scripts and having a shooting for a short film next year. I would like to try to make a feature film in Europe near future.

At the end, could you give a massage for the readers?

I’ll be glad if you could feel comfort from my films.

Yuki Kawamura
Address: 3 Rue Versigny, 75018 Paris
Tel: +33 6 1609 2482

Text: Yurie Hatano
Translation: Mai Kato

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