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PEOPLEText: Natsume Shiroyama

Lynnfox is a newly set up design group whose work was selected for the latest Onedotzero5 digital movie festival. The members, Patrick Chen, Bastian Glassner, and Chris McKenzie have graduated from a 7 year Architectural Masters Degree at Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. They were in partnership with a design company, but eager for more freedom to create their vision, they have decided to work on their own.

They mostly work with digital moving images and its stills creating new environments. Although they have a Masters degree in architecture, they do not necessarily work in the traditional sense of architectural design or describe themselves so. The creators whose motto is ‘freedom’ say, “We are interested in perception of space through working with computer, but there is definitely a possibility to create a physical environment too.”

The images of mysterious creature-like elements and the spacial environments are created on the computer from scratch. Their inspirations come from everyday life and environments, and elements are collected from various sources and go though the process that turn into collections of new shapes. The outcomes are nothing like the beginnings.

They felt “it is pointless recreating images or environments that already exist”, Patrick says “For instance, to construct mapping of an environment of the journey to the office. The hair dryer stand in the hair salon on the corner of street would be a more important focal point than the actual name of the street.” Like there are many ways of looking at everything, they explore various ways of senses and expression of spaces and environments. It is not necessary to understand spacial environments by words or diagrams. All the work was created digitally, but they seem to provoke part of our sense which has been forgotten. Organic feels and flows of the work might indicate strong and deep links between our perception and nature.

Probably working orders or such does not exist at Lynnfox projects, but all the work has an enormous amount of research behind it. Lynnfox is not interested in plain beauty, but tries to explore ideas of how we feel or how we could feel, what could be produced when certain operation being held, and what kind of spacial environments we exist in. When viewing their work it invokes the feeling of something unknown which probably means the work stimulates our senses.

Lynnfox also has strong interest in sounds and music. Some of their work uses computer-generated sounds. Having had experiences with working with musicians in past for promo-videos, they are planning to expand their working fields with more musicians as well. Lynnfox also play a VJ set from time to time in London and Europe.

Text: Natsume Shiroyama

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