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PEOPLEText: Takuya Minee

Do you have any plans or projects for the near future?

I’ve never put what I’ve done, pictures and visuals together until now, so I’ll work on them. I’ll put a sort of atmosphere of collection including the collection itself together one by one looking back over the past.

What do you think about the Internet?

I’ve kept away from it because it seemed to be complicated for me, but I was able to find more interesting things than I imagined on the Internet, so I’m now being crazy about it. I’m checking various things out on the net and get lots of ideas inspired by them. It’s one of the media that has a lot of possibilities.

I’ll be able to explain this collection simply by using it and it has a big merit in that it can be leave as a record. People who visit the collection can only see the final stage of clothes, but I can explain the process in more detail on the net. It maybe ok if there’s only pictures and visuals without languages. I’ll be able to make a complete change in my way of thinking. Then I’ll find other possibilities.

You’ve toured around the world. What country do you like most?

The places where I want to go are Tunisia and Morocco, but I like Venice most among the countries I’ve been to. I also like Berlin. The place I can think of something for myself is Venice at leisure and the place I can think of something with other people and discover something is Berlin. I wasn’t interested in other cities so much, though I’ve not been to many countries.

Paris used to be exciting before, like Tokyo, but now I prefer Berlin rather than Paris. I might have gotten tired of Paris.

The last question. What is your schedule for the future?

I’ll go on a tour in Europe. The schedule that has already fixed at the moment is the exhibition at W< Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium from around the 15th of September. And I was invited by an award ceremony of Michelangelo Antonioni Award for Art that will be held from the 1st of October in Venice and will hold a show there, and hold the 1999 version of the collection of Jenny that was held before at Contemporary Museum in Paris from the 6th of October.

In Japan a one-day exhibition including a show will be held in Tokyo in October.

Text: Takuya Minee
Translation: Mayumi Kaneko

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