Recently SHIFT has started “MOBILE ART WATCH PROJECT”, on which we distribute artists’ works through a mobile phone, in collaboration with Crypton Future Media. This project was launched following “MOBILE ART COMPETITION”, one of the competitions held by SHIFT to discover fresh creators and support their activities. You can download the works on the official site of Crypton Future Media with a mobile phone of Au or SoftBank (only in Japan), and use them as a watch.

For the website use, the Blog-parts version is now available. (Limited time offer)
Simply by copying the source, you can display the clock on your blog.

The 10th edition of the series is created by Kojima Kaori aka KOJIKO, who is a Japanese graphic designer based in Sapporo Japan. KOJIKO created 2 different watches: "Stem" on which 2 patterns move around the screen , "Clock Monster" on which a visual changes every minutes.

KOJIKO (Kaori Kojima) Born in Tomakomai Hokkaido in 1982. After worked at a production company, she now works at Onishi Advertising Company since 2007 as well as creates her own works that have been accepted for Sapporo Art Directors Club Award, TDC, Chaumont Poster Festival... More.

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9th edition of the series is created by TEN (ten_do_ten), who is a Japanese graphic designer who designs only pixel, as TEN suggests pixel in Japanese. The watch will be released on February 12th.
TEN created 3 different wathes: "doggy_time" - a pixel dog with a red tongue tells you the time by flashing digital eyes - and 2 different versions of classical&digital "12_zoo_time" watches, applying the seasonal hours that was used in Edo era in Japan with each of the twelve horary sign.

TEN (ten_do_ten)
TEN is a Japanese graphic designer who designs only pixel. "Ten" means pixel in Japanese.
After 11 September 2003 TEN started the wesite "ten_do" which updates ten designs and many graphics. Currently there are over 10,000 mobile graphic images of the TEN designs that are pixel with sexy, domestic, kraftic... More.

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The 8th in the series of "MOBILE ART WATCH project" is Ly's.
The 8th edition of the series is created by Ly, who draws bizarre, yet, cute creatures in black and white which are born outward from her inside.

She created 2 versions: "Cavity Ikimono" with 4 creatures opening each mouth showing their cavities and "Hand Ikimono", numeral shaped creatures with a hand.

Born in Tokyo, 1981. MONOCHROME ARTIST. Ly is an artist, who constructs scenery that characters who appear in her inside world. Weave in chain these scene and is expressing it as painting. When her picture is seen first, you may feel "death and sexual image" on the world. Secondarily, it yearns. It is a yearning for jumping over the contemporary borders. For instance, it the discommunication and the sex or character difference, etc.--that spread to the society. The message concealed from the work can be seen here and there.... More.

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The seventh in the series of "MOBILE ART WATCH project" is Atsushi Toyama's.

He created these 3 works: "Ringo Star" with his love devoted to Ringo (shown above), "Kuru Kuru Owl", owl's twirling eyes ticking, and "Full of Hands".
"Through creating these works I've got an opportunity to rethink how you use limited time effectively." says Atsushi Toyama. Please download and enjoy his mobileart watch.

Atsushi Toyama
Born in 1970, in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. He started drawing in full swing in 2000, and had been providing illustrations for books and magazines including "BRUTUS" and "relax", and also working a lot on T-shirts design and station ID, etc. Since his participation in "CQ exhibition" in 2003, he has started emphasizing his video expression as well. As for the exhibits, he has developed both solo and project exhibitions since the collaboration with Ado Mizumori (Versus Exhibition 2001). He is now highly-appraised internationally, and is establishing a broader working style from illustration to collage, drawing, etc. He moved to Handa City (150-year-old temple) in Aichi Prefecture in 2007. His latest "Bird Book" published by Utrecht is now on sale. Artists he respects for are Christian Riese Lassen and Tsurutaro Kataoka. (PHIL co.,ltd)... More

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The sixth in the series of "MOBILE ART WATCH project" is Delaware's.

The watches showing the total 86.400 patterns in 24 hours.
The impetuous minimal art which is a little bit too noisy!?
The optical-Artoon (!?) watches which keep changing each and every second.
Which one do you like?
A: Time is money.
B: Time is honey.

Delaware is a japanese super sonic group, designs music and musics design. Their works take on multiple forms such as recordings, visual installation, writing, web, mobile phone, poster, cross stitch, and live performance. They call themselves "Artoonist" (Artoon means art plus cartoon). And "Say it low, we are human being and we're proud"... More

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The fifth for "Mobile Art Watch Project" is harmonica bldg.’s.
The "radical eye" and "radical green" consist of the graphic elements of Kanji, following the design series from last year's "Goshujin-sama Exhibition". The "radical eye" is an analog watch with an "eye" of "Moe-Kyara (character of beauty in the bud)", which can be said as a symbol of Manga or Anime becoming established as Japanese culture.

harmonica bldg.
A design unit by a man and a woman, an art director Naoki Fujita and a designer Kaori Kojima. Excels at graphic design and illustrations which show a story. Formed in 2004. Awards; SADC new face award (2005), a prize at Biennale of Graphic Design Brno (2005), a prize at Chaumont Poster Festival (2005), a prize at International Triennial of Poster in Toyama (2006), a prize at Hong Kong International Poster Triennial (2007), the selection by Ryosuke Uehara for JAGDA2007 (2007), Goshujin-sama Exhibition at SOSO CAFE (2007) ... More

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The fourth for "Mobile Art Watch Project" is TAKORA’s.
An unfounded quiet scenery of pictograph which is located somewhere very far away. There are two types : "Secret Pond" (digital) and "Circle Mountain" (analog). Full of cute plants which is mitochondria adds it deep color.
"Secret Pond" which is covered by navy alga will tells you the time with funny fresh water plant. "Roma" who is a messenger when we fly the sky will tells you the time in "Circle Mountain". Not only for looking at the time, for trying to read into the time, the plants were made like a pictograph. Look carefully your time, and take care of it. And think about "Rome wasn't built in a day"! 

TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori: Visual Creator
Graduated Kyoto Art post graduate school. "Cheap pop will makes our life happy!" is his philosophy, from high fashion brand like COMME des GARCONS HOMME, DRESSCAMP to the cash card for Risona Bank, Takora creates amazing visual works in different genres. His favorite word is "Catchiness is everything". ... More

The third by Kinpro . It is “icon watch” that was designed on the subject of “kawaii”. Each number is represented with the number of circles and then time is represented by combination of each icon. However, only the 8 is displayed by digit because “I like its figure”. We have 3 patterns: “play icon”, “creatures icon” and “nature icon”. Can you see “the icons equal to digits” through using this?

Chisato Shinya as Kinpro: Illustrator
She started her career of a freelance illustrator in 1989 as “Kinpro”. After having the first solo exhibition "Visible shape / Invisible shape" at SOSO cafe in September 2002, she had extend her working field: illustrations of “Snow White” and “ice-queen” to a newly-made piece of "GRIMM" and "ANDERSEN" published by Die Gestalten Verlag in Germany, design of mirror and a set of glasses and coasters for "CHILLICHILLY", "FOX", “Graphics Alive”, “TATTO”, “ZOOM IN ZOOM” of Victionary, a one-month resident at Tinqueux in France, making pieces for the solo exhibition “The tree which goes on a trip.”, holding the workshop “Creation Center for Children”... More

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The second, by Akinori Oishi are 3 kinds of watch: "Titan", "Turquoise", "Pales". "Titan", its hand is a bit bent, so it indicates a bit delayed time. "Turquioise", it tells you time by the end of a cloud and tail. "Pales", its numbers of pictogram do the exercises.

Akinori Oishi: Graphic Artist
Born in 1972 Japan. Studied oil-painting at Kyoto City University of Art, and media-designs at IAMAS (Internatinal Academy of Media Arts and Sciences). Since winning the price of MILIA (International Multimedia Fair in France) 2001, working at the French creative studio TEAMCHMAN (2001 - 2003). Now independent artist, and teaching media-designs at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d'Art Lausanne) in Switzerland, and Tama University in Tokyo... More

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For the first, distribution of the piece “HORMON WATCH” by Wabisabi, the design team formed by Ryohey “wabi” Kudow and Kazushi “sabi” Nakanishi. The watch was designed with Wabisabi’s original typeface “HORMON”. The typeface was made as if alphabets and numbers were one cell.

Wabisabi: art director & graphic designer The design team formed by Ryohey “wabi” Kudow and Kazushi “sabi” Nakanishi in 1999. Their works range many fields from advertising, graphic design, objet to firm. Their past awards includes 85th NY-ADC (New York Art Directors Club) Awards silver prize, 86th NY-ADC Awards MERIT prize, Jagda (Japanese Graphic Designers Association) New Comer Awards prize, International Poster Triennial Toyama gold prize... More

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