The sixth in the series of “MOBILE ART WATCH project” is Delaware‘s.

On this “MOBILE ART WATCH project“, we distribute works through a mobile phone in collaboration with Crypton Future Media. You can download the pieces on the official site of Crypton Future Media with a mobile phone of Au or SoftBank (only in Japan), and use them as a watch on your phone. This time, we feature the works by a Japanese super sonic group also known as pioneers of mobile phone art, Delaware.


Time is honey No.2

4 types of watches showing the total 86.400 patterns in 24 hours.
The impetuous minimal art which is a little bit too noisy!?
The optical-Artoon (!?) watches which keep changing each and every second.
Which one do you like?
A: Time is money.
B: Time is honey.

Delaware is a japanese super sonic group, designs music and musics design. Their works take on multiple forms such as recordings, visual installation, writing, web, mobile phone, poster, cross stitch, and live performance. They call themselves “Artoonist” (Artoon means art plus cartoon). And “Say it low, we are human being and we’re proud”.

We’ll update new works every 2 month on this project. The next will be in June.

For the website use, the blog-parts version is now available. (Limited time offer).

[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.