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On this “MOBILE ART WATCH project“, we distribute works through a mobile phone in collaboration with Crypton Future Media. You can download the pieces on the official site of Crypton Future Media with a mobile phone utilizing Au or SoftBank (only in Japan), and use them as a watch on your phone. The 10th edition of the series is created by Kojima Kaori aka KOJIKO, who is a Japanese graphic designer based in Sapporo Japan.

KOJIKO created 3 different watches: “Stem” on which 2 patterns move around the screen , “Clock Monster” on which a visual changes every minutes and “mass of the time” which tells time by 3 different boxes of hour, minute, second. From all the works you can feel soft atmosphere of time which was created by the designer.


This mobile phone art is like a textile panel pasted on the wall. The patterns were created from the section of stem, and move around the screen as time goes by.


Clock Monster
The clock was possessed by a monster. In fact the monster’s eye blinks mysteriously every minute holding his breath. The monster might be observing you?!

mass of the time
Each box represents hour, minute and second. By visualizing each part in its mass of the time, I want people to feel the importance and weight of time. When do you feel the weight of time? (For your information, I feel it when I keep someone waiting!)

KOJIKO (Kaori Kojima)
Born in Tomakomai Hokkaido in 1982. After working at a production company, she now works at Onishi Advertising Company since 2007 as well as creates her own works that have been accepted for Sapporo Art Directors Club Award, TDC, Chaumont Poster Festival.

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