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The fourth for “Mobile Art Watch Project” is TAKORA’s.

On this “Mobile Art Watch Project“, we distribute works through a mobile phone in collaboration with Crypton Future Media. This time we have TAKORA.

An unfounded quiet scenery of pictograph which is located somewhere very far away. There are two types : “Secret Pond” (digital) and “Circle Mountain” (analog). Full of cute plants which is mitochondria adds it deep color.

“Secret Pond” which is covered by navy alga will tells you the time with funny fresh water plant. “Roma” who is a messenger when we fly the sky will tells you the time in “Circle Mountain”. Not only for looking at the time, for trying to read into the time, the plants were made like a pictograph. Look carefully your time, and take care of it. And think about “Rome wasn’t built in a day”! 

We’ll update the works every 2 month on this project. The next will be in December.

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TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori
Visual Creator/ graduated Kyoto Art post graduate school.
“Cheap pop will makes our life happy!” is his philosophy, from high fashion brand like COMME des GARCONS HOMME, DRESSCAMP to the cash card for RESONA Bank, Takora creates amazing visual works in different genres. Recently he created a series of visual works which is a repeat of unique asian element. Hanging the theme of ” Space Jack “, he expands a lot of collaboration works like advertisement, promotion goods, development of new products with international clients. At the same time, he participates many international exhibitions as a place to show his private works. Pure and unlimited works touch a chord with many audience. ” World is small! We live in a era which is easy to get sympathy!” The image sent from Tokyo got attention mainly from Asia and international art books and clients, now he has got his only place in Japan and other countries.
Nowadays he is looking for a opportunity to show his visual arts in public buildings or spaces. His favorite word is “Catchiness is everything”.

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