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The eighth in the series of “MOBILE ART WATCH project” is created by Ly.
On this “MOBILE ART WATCH project“, we distribute works through a mobile phone in collaboration with Crypton Future Media. You can download the pieces on the official site of Crypton Future Media with a mobile phone utilizing Au or SoftBank (only in Japan), and use them as a watch on your phone. The 8th edition of the series is created by Ly, who draws bizarre, yet, cute creatures in black and white which are born outward from her inside.
The watch will be released on December 11th.

She created 2 versions: “Cavity Ikimono” with 4 creatures opening their mouths and showing their cavities and “Hand Ikimono”, numeral shaped creatures with a hand.


Cavity Ikimono (left)
The creatures Ly draws are characterized by their mouths opening wide. They lack teeth because of cavities! As you count the number of teeth, the creatures show you what time it is. When being short of time, Ly feels like time eats away time by the second. Ly applied it to this watch.

Hand Ikimono (right)
Formed in numbers, the creature shows hours clearly at a glance. Minutes are counted roughly with a hand. The watch came out like this because Ly wanted to make a watch something that was obscure and funny.

Born in Tokyo, 1981. MONOCHROME ARTIST.
Ly is an artist, who constructs scenery of characters who appear in her inside world. Weaving them in a chain expressing the scenes in a painting. When her picture is seen first, you may feel “death and sexual image” on the world. Secondarily, it yearns. It is a yearning for jumping over the contemporary borders. For instance, is it the dis-communication and sex or simply character difference, etc.–that spread in society. The message concealed from the work can be seen here and there.

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