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Yojiro Imasaka: Benefit Show for Children Affected by the Japan Earthquake

MIYAKO YOSHINAGA art prospects is pleased to present Till All Is Green, a special art exhibition on view from October 12th through October 22nd, 2011, with reception and silent auction on Thursday, October 20th.

All proceeds from this event will go to help children who have been affected by the 2011 Japan earthquake and its aftermath. Endorsed by the Consulate General of Japan in New York, Till All Is Green, will take place in the prime of the fall art season and commemorate the past six months of the disaster in Japan. The “green” in the title is a metaphor for the restoration and rebirth of the devastated natural landscape and a symbol of hope for a better and healthier future. In the light of the nuclear crisis at Fukushima, “green” also refers very specifically to clean, renewable and ecologically safe energy. Till All Is Green will feature artwork donated by internationally renowned as well as emerging artists, and the works will directly and indirectly address ongoing issues faced by the disaster victims, in particular the life-threatening conditions for children survivors. Proceeds of the sale/auction will go to ChildFund International, a non-profit organization that serves vulnerable children throughout the world and currently focusing their efforts on helping children devastated by the Japan earthquake and tsunami. ChildFund has been actively engaged on the ground distributing rice, powdered milk, butane cartridges and other emergency relief items. In addition, they have been providing psychosocial childcare and grief counseling, and creating principal care manuals based on the experience of American children affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks. ChildFund supports the use of art therapy as a particularly effective method for helping children to cope with the stress and symptoms of traumatic experiences. In Till All Is Green, the unique power of art is the living thread connecting our artists and collector donors to those children in need.

Reception and silent auction: October 20th, 18:00-21:00

Till All Is Green
Date: October 12th – October 22rd, 2011
Open: Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 – 18:00
Address: 547 West 27th Street 2nd Floor, NY 10001-5511
Tel: 212 268 7132

Text: memi mizukami

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